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You can quickly collect real word-of-mouth recommendations from all your happy customers, which WILL help you get more referral customers!


You can recommend your favourite businesses & then search for businesses recommended by the people you know and trust!

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*Note - It's totally free for individuals to recommend or to search. For businesses - it works out at only £2.99 per month after the free trial if you register now!

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of consumers trust referrals from friends and family over any other form of advertising.

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Trusted Recommendations at the Click of a Button

Searching the internet for ‘recommendations’ from strangers is now a thing of the past. When you trust the person, you can trust the recommendation. In the Circle of Trust, you can see who your friends and family recommend. Any sector. At any time.

How it works

Set up your profile

Whether you’re a business or an individual, personalise your profile with all the essential details.

Recommend or get recommended

You can either collect recommendations via a link or QR code (your customers don't even need to have downloaded the app to recommend you). Or if you are an individual you could recommend all your favourite businesses!

Find what you need

From restaurants to builders and pampering services, we've got you covered across every sector. Quickly and easily discover what you're looking for with our search function.

Spread the word

Invite friends, family and beyond to join the Circle of Trust. Together, we can build a supportive community where we all find trusted recommendations.

Be an advocate

Your voice matters! Take pride in supporting businesses you trust. Share posts, tag them and stay updated with what your connections are sharing.

Let's Build the Circle of Trust Together

Don’t forget to invite those you trust the most. Your favourite businesses, loyal customers, friends, family, colleagues… there’s space for everyone in the Circle of Trust.

When you share, you're not just contributing to our community's growth; you're also lending your support to your friends and family while helping to build a platform for local businesses to thrive. The more you share, the more we all grow; it's a win-win for everyone.

Free for individuals.

Low-cost for businesses.

The Circle of Trust is a completely free platform for individuals to use. If you’re registering as a business, you can sign up for our early bird offer at just £35.99 (inclusive of VAT) for the first year.  It works out at just £3.00 per month. Our business users often comment that it’s a small price to pay to reach new customers who are actively looking for their services. 

30 Day Free Trial

Start your free trial today and collect as many recommendations as you can from all your happy customers in 30 days!!

How many would recommend YOU to their friends and family?

Let's find out?

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* Please note - After the trial period ends, you have the option to pay for a subscription - its only £35.99 (incl vat) for a WHOLE YEAR at the moment!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Circle of Trust is a digital word-of-mouth app. It instantly connects individuals who are actively seeking trusted recommendations with businesses who are looking for new customers. It’s a community where connections flourish, businesses shine, and everybody wins.

From plumbers to hairdressers, mechanics to accountants, dog groomers to solicitors, the Circle of Trust allows users to access personal recommendations from their most trusted network, allowing users to feel safe in the knowledge that the service providers have the trust and endorsement of someone they know, someone ‘in their circle’.

The Circle of Trust is a completely free platform for individuals to use.

If you’re registering as a business, you can sign up for our early bird offer at just £35.99 (inclusive of VAT) for the first year. It works out at just £3 per month. Our business users often comment that it’s a small price to pay to reach new customers who are actively looking for their services.

The Circle of Trust app is easy to use. Simply sign up, log in, and connect with your friends and family, and quickly find their recommended businesses by searching for a sector or service.

Individuals are always on the lookout for trusted recommendations. Research shows that people are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend*. So, we’ve created a place where individuals can access recommended businesses from the people they know and trust at the click of a button. The Circle of Trust is full of people looking for trusted businesses like you.

Search results don’t favour businesses with the biggest advertising budgets. Visibility is determined by the quality of your work and the number of people who choose to add you to their circle. You can increase your visibility within search results by inviting your current customer base.

(*Source: Semrush)

Absolutely. We have built the Circle of Trust in a way that anyone can use it. Once you have set up your profile, in just a few simple steps, you can access recommendations from those you trust. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Finding reliable recommendations isn’t always easy. It often involves endless searches and group texts, and still, the results don't always hit the mark. The Circle of Trust changes the game by granting you instant access to recommendations from people you trust, all with a simple click. You can even ‘pin’ businesses for future reference.

Trust the person. Trust the recommendation.

The Circle of Trust has been created for all sectors and services. From hairdressers to marketing agencies, to plumbers, and gardeners. Whatever businesses or services you are looking for in your personal or professional life, we’ve got you covered.

If you operate multiple businesses or a chain of them, we strongly suggest creating individual profiles for each business or branch. This will make it easier for customers to recommend you and new customers to find you.

If you are a large organisation with over 250 employees, please get in touch via our contact us page, our team will be happy to discuss your requirements and create a bespoke plan that works for you.

You can create a profile safe in the knowledge that you will not need to sign up for a paid subscription right away. Creating a profile now means that you can upgrade to a paid subscription when you are ready to do so.

A paid subscription allows you to use the Circle of Trust functionality as a business. The subscription will allow your business to appear in search results, be visible to customers and potential customers, and allow people to add your business to their recommended circles. Customers can also ‘pin’ your business for their future reference.

Have another question? Get in touch with our friendly team here.

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